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Medi-Terra: Music across Lands – 2005 – Artas Folklore Troupe

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 10.04.2012:

Medi-Terra: Music across Lands

Artas Folklore Center Group

The concerts take place within the frame of the programme

‘Mediterranean Voices: Oral History and Cultural Practice in Mediterranean Cities’

part-funded by the European Commission (European Heritage II)

coordinated by London Metropolitan University

and implemented for Greece by the University of Crete

(Centre For Cultural Heritage Preservation, Bethlehem) Read more below image.

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Famous for its natural springs and fertile lands, Artas is derived from the Latin Hortus Conclusus, the closed garden, which, according to oral tradition refers to Solomon’s gardens in the Song of Songs. It is a small village to the south west of Bethlehem.

The Artas Folklore Center has succeeded in establishing a very unique and successful band specialized in performing folklore songs with the help of traditional musical instruments some of which have disappeared from our memory, in addition to the wonderful Dabkeh dances.

The band performs traditional pieces such as: Dal’ona, Zareef Al-Toul, Eghzayyel, Jaffra, ‘Ataba & Mejana, Zaffet el-‘Arees, Samer. These pieces are usually accompanied by traditional musical instruments like the ‘Oud, Rababeh, Shababeh and Yarghoul.

Distinguished members of the band:

Mohammed Mahmoud Khader As’ad: Singer, Dancer

Nimer Mohammed Moustafa Khalil: Musician (Shababeh, Yarghoul)

Hazem Moustafa Abdel Fattah Sanad: Dancer

Wael Ahmad Mohammed Rabai’a: Dancer

‘Adel Khalil ‘Othman Mohammed: Dancer

‘Adel Ahmad Mohammed Hammad: Dancer, Singer, Musician (Shababeh)

Ahmad Khalil ‘Othman Rabai’a: Dancer

Mahmoud Kamel Mohammed Abu-Kamal: Musician (‘Oud)

Source: Internet 2005; link currently broken.

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