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Mary’s House

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.02.2007:

The Bridgettine Sisters – Bethlehem

It is impossible to imagine that such a tranquil, splendid, and spiritual atmosphere could ever exist in the midst of the everyday chaos in the centre of Bethlehem unless you visit Mary’s House.

The sisters of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour of St Bridget have had a long and keen desire to have a Bridgettine presence in the Holy Land. Thanks to the providential offering of a house in Bethlehem, the sisters’ prayers were answered, and on 3 January 2002, they arrived in the Holy Land, following in the footsteps of St. Bridget, who made a pilgrimage to Bethlehem in 1372.

The Bridgettine’s specific mission in Bethlehem includes praising God, adoration, reparation, and praying for the gifts of peace and justice. In addition to the hospitality and accommodation that they provide for pilgrims, local parishioners, and youth groups for days of retreat and spirituality, they also aim to help families in need, as much as possible.

The house has 13 guest rooms and 28 beds with attached private services. There is a large, spacious conference hall, a dining room, a terrace with a panoramic view, and a beautiful, large statue of Our Lady. In addition to all this, there is a distinguished, traditional chapel that is alluring for prayer and meditation.

Mary’s House is located in the quarter called Hosh Al-Qattan, between Salesian Street and Pope Paul VI Street. To reach the house from Pope Paul VI Street, find the stairs between house #58 and house # 62. Go straight down the stairs, which lie hidden behind a music store, and Mary’s House will be on your right. To find the House from Salesian Street, go down the stairs opposite the big door of the Salesian Oratory. After the stairs, take the road to the right and then to the left and Mary’s House will be directly in front of you.

Visiting address:

Hosh Al-Qattan, Bethlehem

Tel:02-275 0360, Fax: 02-275 0363


This Week in Palestine

February 2007

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