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Looking for my relatives-SHEI B

Contributed by Wedad Al Maloukh on 09.08.2008:

I have embarked on a mission to discover my family tree. My parents divorced when I was around 3, and unfortunatly my father died before I could know him. His name was George Sheib. He moved to the US in 1948. Most of his family, except for two sister moved to the US following him. I have researched everything on the names and have recovered very little, because it seems the name is not strictly Palestinian. Also I was told by one site that the last name, long ago was BADRAN. I know he was born in Jerusalem and from the Greek Orthodox church. Any info or ideas on where to get info please let me know-or you can email me. thanks so muchWedad A.


Alexander Lawrence

on 10.09.2008
This is the contact details of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem – I hope they will be able to help. They should have the register of all births