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Looking for Magda, Luba and George Haddad

Contributed by Sven ( Dode ) Bakic on 12.08.2020:

Looking for the Haddad family members I reside now in Sydney Australia. Back in the early sixties [when I lived in Amman Jordan ], I had good friends who were living in Beit Jala. I have lost all contact with them since I moved to Sydney in 1963.I would greatly appreciate any help or clues as to the whereabouts of the family Haddad, Martin ( father ) Magda, Luba and son George. From memory Martin had a brother in Ramallah who was a doctor. My name is Sven ( nickname Dode ) Bakich. It is possibly a long, shot especially because Magda and Luba could have married by now and have different surnames. Maybe some of your older members of the community might remember this Haddad family. Or there may be some archives organisation that could be able to help. Many Thanks for your help. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. Sven ( Dode ) Bakich 61 02 0418 766 585

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