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Live the Memories from the 19th century … in Tal es Safa

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 25.02.2006:

This Week in Palestine

October 2005

Next to the hustle and bustle of the City of Ramallah – a city that has become characterized with its vibrant commercial and business enterprises, cultural environment and famous lifestyle, services, restaurants and entertainment – stands a small residential village. This village, called Tal es Safa, is situated in an exclusive residential area amid the tranquil green surroundings of al-Tyreh suburb of Ramallah. It is a half-an-hour drive from Jerusalem, ten minutes from the center of Ramallah and twenty minutes from the town of Bir Zeit.

Tal es Safa, is the dream of many Palestinians coming to life as local and Diaspora Palestinians look back with nostalgia on foregone days of childhood and youth — a time past that now brought to life. These, too, are the memories of Mr. Zahi Khouri who came up with the idea Tal es Safa project.

Tal es Safa is built in authentic 19th century Palestinian style, resonating back in time to the ancient archeological site close to the twin villages of Karyat el Baqaara and Karyat el Ghanammah located in the upper Eastern Galilee. These villages, which lie 11 km. northeast of Safad, were inhabited in 1948. The name of Tal es Safa was selected in memory of these areas and also because the word “Safa” is commonly used to express purity of emotions and substances including the water, air, and heart.

This Palestinian village reminds us of the beauty of Palestinian heritage, homes that combine the charms of the past with comfort and quality of modern standards and blends elements of the traditional architecture of the old Jerusalem in its buildings.

The village includes facilities designated to recreate the special community lifestyle that is unequaled anywhere else. Tal es Safa will open a community center with a year- round heated swimming pool, a health spa and a fitness room.

Tal es Safa, which consists of 37 units, has been created for the new millennium. It is a long-awaited residence and opportunity where many have already become owners. Overlooking the shores of Yaffa, it is the ideal location to reconfirm one’s roots and heritage.

The blending of the old world, Jerusalem’s charm on the exterior of the homes with modern, functional interiors was designed by Dr. Suad Amri, a specialist in eastern architecture. Each home is given a special name and uniquely designed and provides facilities for the family with children, the elderly and those with special needs and disabilities. It is designed to symbolize the spirit of our village. The red tiled roof represents the impeccable design and meticulous craftsmanship of our stone homes. The green hills suggest our tranquil natural landscape. The olive tree stands for deep roots and the enduring Palestinian heritage.

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