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Lettuce! Why Lettuce?

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 30.03.2012:

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Lettuce? Why Lettuce?” is a question often asked when mention is made of the Artas Lettuce Festival. Established in 1994 to honor the Palestinian farmer by the late Musa Sanad, founder of the Artas Folklore Center, the Artas Lettuce Festival was the first agrarian festival in modern Palestine. Musa sought, if only for a few days a year, to bring back the happy days when people used to come from all over Palestine to buy Artas produce. Musa found in Artas’ famous Romaine lettuce, a fitting symbol, not only of the special fertility of the Artas Valley land but also the resilience of the Palestinian people. For this plant has the power to survive the bitter cold and heavy rains of winter and to emerge fresh and green in the spring. The very fact of holding the Artas Lettuce Festival, begun in an era of hope, is a reflection of this same spirit. The Festival continues to develop and expand its objectives and offerings in light of the ever-changing situation. The festival allows Palestinians to reconnect with their land, heritage and each other, and to ponder the diverse manifestations of their shared identity. It provides the opportunity to showcase the work of other institutions, artists, craftsmen and performing artists from all over Palestine, which festival goers might not otherwise see. Your attendance helps us in our work to preserve the Palestinian patrimony for new generations of Palestinian and foreign visitors. Like the lettuce in our fields, we hope to emerge green and fresh. Don’t wait until next year to visit us again though. We have many interesting activities year round!

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