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King Solomon and Balquis

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 17.03.2006:

Balquis, the queen of Sheba, heard about the well-known wisdom of King Solomon. One day she invited him to her imposing palace and welcomed him wholeheartedly. She then showed him two bunches of very beautiful flowers, one of them natural, the other artificial. The resemblance between them was so close that it was impossible for the viewer to differentiate between them. Then she asked King Solomon to disclose to her which of the two branches was the natural one. But the king was not helpless. He presently summoned a swarm of bees to the palace. As soon as they entered the hall they swooped down on the natural bunch of flowers. That was how King Salomon easily discovered the solution to his problem which seemed difficult.

Source: Grace Crawfoot and Louise Baldensperger, Dr Abdellatif Barghouthi (ed.) Arab Folk Stories from Artas.

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