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Jerusalem in exile

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 18.10.2007:

(an email we received about a highly interesting project close to the idea of PFN)The project is searching for the mental image of Jerusalem that exists in the minds of the Palestinian people in the Diaspora. The Diaspora seems to include now the Palestinians in Palestine. This mental image will be later transformed into a photographic image.“Jerusalem needs visual liberation. This can only be achieved if a new dimension is added to the photographs. This dimension exists in us?deep in the imagination. Reaching that dimension requires a deep look, a journey into the minds of many people; where they will all unite to ‘rebuild’ and ‘reconstruct’ Jerusalem.”Mental images are usually private experiences, and you do not need to be from Jerusalem to have one. Because Palestinians have extreme restrictions to enter the occupied city; the image of Jerusalem becomes stronger in their brains and imagination.It is interesting to see how a Palestinian boy or girl from Brazil, for example, who has never seen Jerusalem acquires that mental image. It is possible his/her image is developed through Media, books or through narratives from parents or grand parents. This is an indication that no presence can annul the memories of Jerusalem, by changing facts on the ground or by forcing different narratives. It is not the stones that make the city alive – it is the people who do.Hence, we encourage Palestinians from all over the world to visit the web site (the web site exists in five languages); go through it (it takes few minutes), do check the Map where you can see and read different participations. Check which countries are not lit and if you are now living in these countries, send us your mental image. WE WILL LIGHT THAT COUNTRY. If the country is lit, please feel also free to send your mental image. It will be great to add it to the ones that we already have. It is not simply about lighting the whole world, but also about each and every one of you.Many people have asked how they can help o promote the project? • Do send this email to your contact list with a private note to encourage participations. • We have found out that Facebook, Multiply and other similar programs are great for sharing the ideas of the project. Make full use of them. • Palestinian web site and Blogs are great for spreading the message. ________________________________________We look forward to receiving your participations.jerusalem in exile To subscribe and unsubscribe to this mailing list please visit the link below.

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