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Issaf Nashashibi Center for Culture and Literature

Contributed by IssafNashashibi Center For Culture And Literature on 18.03.2006:

About Our Center

Inaugerated on July 15, 1999, the Issaf Nashashibi Center for Culture and Literature presents various performances, exhibits and activities, such as musical concerts, drama, poetry evenings, popular embroidery, and drawings

The center has also a public library, which contains a wide variety of rare books in different fields of knowledge, and a rare collection of 250 old manuscripts.

Dar Issaf Nashashibi for Arts & Culture is currently affiliated with Dar At-Tifl Al-Arabi in Jerusalem. A non-profit, charitable institution, it covers its expenses through aid and donations from various sources.

The use of our facilities is free of charge, except nominal fees for the use the lower floor for exhibitions, the use of photocopy machines and the like.

Some of the major activities:

15/7/1999 Inauguration

28/8/1999 Forum in memory of the literature Dr. Isac Huseini

9/9/1999 Poetry evening: Dr. Jamal Salsa’

18-23/9/1999 Exhibition: The Art of Arabic Calligraphy

16/10/1999 Poetry evening: Samih Qasem

26-28/10/1999 Exhibition: Environment Protection in Palestine

26/10/1999 Lecture on “Water Resources in Palestine”

27/10/1999 Lecture on “Underground Water in Palestine”

6-11/3/2000 Exhibition: Palestinian Popular Products

15-20/4/2000 Exhibition: Arabic Books

6/5/2000 Film display: “Fadwa Toqan, a Poet from Palestine”

17-22/6/2000 Exhibition: Publications of Palestinian Research Centers

8/7/2000 Workshop: Voluntary Work and Charitable

Organizations in Jerusalem

4/9/2000 Musical Evening: Chicago Blue Revue- An Italian Band

28/9/2000 Workshop: The Role of Theatre in Human Education

Oct.- Dec. 2000 “Test your knowledge” contest for Jerusalem’s schools

20-24/1/2001 Exhibition: Students’ Paintings on the Intifada

Feb.- June 2001 A series of Lectures in French on Middle East History

organized by the French Cultural Center, as follows:

14/2/2001 Politics and religion in the French Consulate

General in Jerusalem in the 19th century

14/3/2001 Byzantine Churches in Syria

11/4/2001 Tombs of the Kings, between reality and


9/5/2001 Palestine in the ancient ages

Feb.- June 2001 Childern activities; music and painting, organized by the

French Cultural Center; Thursdays and Saturdays every


9-11 June 2001 Flowers Assortment Exhibition

5-7/11/2001 Palestinian Popular Handicrafts Exhibition

9-13/3/2002 Jumana Husseini Exhibition

16-25/3/2002 M. Shahwan Photography Exhibition

6-11/7/2002 Uzbekistan Cultural Heritage Exhibition

24/9/2002 Urmawi Musical Center (Mahab Arruh)

12-14/10/2002 Photography Exhibition: Monuments of Jerusalem.

5-10/7/2003 Arabic Universal Book Exhibition.

1-25/10/2003 Palestinian Handicrafts Exhibition.

31/3/2004 Childrens’ Photographs Exhibition.

7-18/4/2004 Mosaic Restoration Exhibition.

12-22/6/2004 Palestinian Folklore Exhibition.

2/11- 11/12/2004 Theatre: “Patience and Knowledge”.

19/3- 3/4/2005 Photography Exhibition: “Jerusalem Views”.

19-28/5/2005 Paintings Exhibition: Orange Lines.

7-11/2/2006 Paintings Exhibition: The Start

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