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I search for my family

Contributed by Marwa Al Harbi on 27.02.2009:

Hello. I’m 17 years old and live in Europe.I will be 18 at 23/ of April. All my life i thought that I was European but one day i heard when my parents spoke about “palestine and Ramallah and the death of my parents”. Some days later i heard them speak about “adoption”. Iwant to know if someone had a child before and lost her or gave her to someone. I hope someone can help to me find my real family.If someone out there knows someone who has same story just reply to this posting below.I have european name and my friends gave me the Marwa name. Thank you the help.Bye


Hany Shanata

on 11.03.2009

i`m sry to hear that but how u gona find abouot ur family if u dnt know ur family name jst try twrite ur full name and i`d like to help u find ur family by anyways … my mail is try to send me mail kay …