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Homecooked Palestinian Meals from the Artas Folklore Center’s Kitchen

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 02.03.2006:

A mouthwatering meal in a historic building overlooking the Convent of the Enclosed Garden and the Artas Valley is a great way to end a gentle ramble, break up a full day hike, or simply as an end in itself. You can take away if you prefer to eat in nature. Sample Menu from Muna’s Kitchen (2006 prices)

Salads [[picture:”.” ID:2101]]

Price per person (NIS)

1) Arabic Salad with Olive Oil 5

2) Arabic Salad with Tahina 5

3) Turkish Salad 5

4) Baqdounissiyeh 5

5) Red Cabbage Salad with Mayonnaise 5

6) Cucumbers in Yoghurt 5

7) Potatoes and Carrots in Mayonnaise 5

Savory Snacks and Pastries Price per Kilo

[[picture:”.” ID:2103]] (NIS)

1) Kibbeh(Fried football-shaped fried cracked wheat

and meat shells filled with ground meat): 40

2) Sfeeha: Open-faced meat pies 40

3) Sambousek: Cheese crescents 40

4) Shish Barak: Meat dumplings 40

5) Fresh Za’atar Pastries: Soft triangular pastries filled with fresh za’ater 20

6) Manakeesh: Baked bread rounds topped with dried za’ater and olive oil 20

7) Maltit: pastry rounds with za’ater, sugar and anise 20


[[picture:”.” ID:2100]] Price per Portion

1) Stuffed Vine Leaves and Courgettes: (Zucchini) 30

2) Stuffed Vine Leaves : 30

3) Stuffed Fish : 30

4) Maqloubeh: (Chicken and rice casserole with Eggplant or Cauliflower) 30

5) Mansaf:(Rice and chunks of lamb on a bed of Rice topped with yoghurt sauce) 30

6) Baked Chicken and Potatoes: 30

7) Whole Chicken Stuffed with Rice: 40

Desserts Price per kilo

1. Plain Gharbiyeh (shortbread cookie bars): 20

2. Gharbiyeh with Pistachios: 30

 Take away or eat in historic rustic building overlooking the Artas Valley and the Convent of the Enclosed Garden

 Orders and Inquiries: ; 02 275 2752;0522292782

 To place order, call three days in advance

 Muna can meet you near the Bethlehem Checkpoint

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