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Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 25.02.2006:

The home of Louisa Baldensperger, daughter of French Protestant Missionaries is not exactly a house, but an intriguing complex of rooms off either side of a staircase going up the hill. The Finnish Anthropologist Hilma Granqvist or “Sitt Halimeh” also lived in this home during the British Mandate when she studied all aspects of village life. This historic dwelling, a physical reminder to the villagers of these two women who played such an important role in the lives of their parents or grandparents, is in urgent need of preservation. Someone has already constructed an ugly concrete wall in front of it. Purchase and renovation of the building and its use as a Center for folklore studies is one of the immediate goals of the Artas Folklore Center. For more information read: “Of Memory and Magic, Missionaries and Museums: more than meets the “eye” in Artas” Original Content Creator: Leyla Zuaiter

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