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Manal Zeitoun: second intifada diary

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 12.05.2006:

At the time a student at St Joseph School, Bethlehem, 11th grade


The Palestinians live through bad times. All the TV channels talk about what is going on. They show awful images that will always stick in one’s mind. I can’t forget the view of the child who died in his father’s arms. I can’t forget the boy who had his brain blown out. I can’t forget the children who crie(...)

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The First Well

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 17.03.2006:

The following story is taken from the diary of the Palestinian author Jabra Ibrahim Jabra. It is about his youth in Bethlehem.

On the edge of the Valley of the Camel, a little below the New Road, a hugh azarole tree soared upwards, visible from our house on the hill above. The slopes of the valley were covered with olive trees wherever you looked, but this wild azarole prided itself on(...)

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Riding a Bike while the Tanks move in the Street

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Nisreen Shomali

Journal entry # 1

30th November 2002

Dear diary…

We always write about incursions and occupation showing only their negative points, but if you look into it deeper you can find that the social relationships got stronger. And about me I made 20 new friends, most of them are my neighbors and we used to meet for a few hours a day. Each day we decided (...)

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Soldiers in the House for 3 Weeks: Intifada diary

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Raneen Riziq


Dear diary,

It is 4:15 and I am just entering the house, my mother and my sister are watching TV. But wait … they are sad, when I sat to watch the interview I saw Fadwa el-Barghouthy, the wife of Marawn el- Barghouthy, who is now in jail. It was a very emotional program and it symbolized the tragedy that happened in every house and every day to the P(...)

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Thank God for the Curfew that was imposed today

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Dalia Qumsieh

16th April 2002

Well, under the covers of my bed, in my pajamas, sleeping, which was the only “human right” I could have during the curfew. It was 5am then, and I was hearing sounds, but when sounds became even louder, I got up from bed, so annoyed. I was like: “God! can’t I even sleep well?” I went to my window, and what I saw made me stand still, all I could do i(...)

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Moments of Fear: Intifada diary

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Amira Massoud

January 23rd 2003

After I’ve come back from school and had lunch, I felt very tired so I went to have a nap. When I woke up, I decided to watch TV. I didn’t study anything because I thought that curfew would not be lifted tomorrow since it was lifted today. I felt bored so I went to the neighbor’s house to have a little chat. I came back and checked my email messag(...)

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Feeling like a doll with someone moving me the way he wanted

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Wafa’ Marzouka

October 17th 2001 at 6:00 p.m

Last Sunday was a very bad day; my parents & I went to visit our relatives. When we had arrived we knew that one of our relatives was ill, “Layla”. It was a surprise for us to hear that, because she was in good condition.

The next day I went to school as usual. I had a lovely day at school. I was eager to go home to tell (...)

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The second Intifada started right there in front of my eyes

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Ameera Lama

Days go by and time goes fast; minute after minute, hour after hour. So I’m writing a few words to make them last.

Three days ago, we were discussing with our teacher about time and he told us that yesterday, for example, is gone and we can’t bring it back. So I just felt scared and had goose pimples. Then I thought that my life is passing, and it’s going without any(...)

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Hear what we have to say

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Mona Hilal

Saturday, November 2001

There wasn’t anything different on this Saturday except for one special occasion that you’ll soon discover what it was. I got up early as usual and went to school. After school I went with my friends to the Scout club then to my uncle’s house. We were sitting in the garden when my cousin passed by and told us that there would be a birthday part(...)

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Intifada diary: Hana Hazboun

Contributed by Terra Sancta School For Girls on 11.03.2006:

Hana Hazboun

8 September 2001

On Tuesday morning, at about one o’clock in the morning, the Israeli soldiers occupied Beit Jala. Most of the people didn’t sleep except my sister and I. We were sleeping like there was nothing; suddenly I woke up because I heard the phone ringing. I looked at the time and it was about three in the morning, then I slept till 8:00 I heard my parents (...)

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