Immigration and Emigration

Palestinians in the Gulf

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 22.03.2008:

By Rana Sadik

At this point in time, I have spent half my life as a Palestinian in the Gulf and the other half as a “Palestinian” in the Gulf. What’s the difference between Palestinian and “Palestinian?”

Prior to the invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf was open to the Palestinians. Our migration began before 1948 in a trickle and then intensified after each of the markers in our histor(...)

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Palestinians in Britain

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 08.03.2008:

By Ghada Karmi

The British Palestinian community constitutes one of the most important of the Palestinian diaspora. This is not because of its size, which is not accurately known as we will see below, but because of its prominence in the professional, journalistic, and political fields; and also for the fact that several major Arabic-language newspapers, for which Palestinians write, a(...)

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Palestinians Living in the Diaspora

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 08.03.2008:

By Ingrid Jaradat Gassner

Sixty years ago, prior to the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) in 1948, the overwhelming majority of the Palestinian people were living in their homeland Palestine. Today the Palestinian population worldwide is estimated to be 10.1 million,i with more than half (approximately 5.2 million) living in the diaspora.

Checking t(...)

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Jose (Youssef) Jorge Siman – San Salvador

Contributed by Prima Soho on 02.10.2007:

Jose (Youssef) Jorge Siman - San Salvador

International observers at the recent, heated elections in the Central American nation of El Salvador might have been surprised to discover amid the violent political polarization, a curious similarity between its two presidential candidates: both are Palestinian. Tony Saca, a hard-line capitalist with strong American ties, and Schafik Handal(...)

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Jacobo Kattan Jr – Kattan family teaches Honduras a lesson in ambition

Contributed by Andrew Dabdoub on 01.10.2007:

Kattan family teaches Honduras a lesson in ambition

When you think of the Honduras of the 1920's you think of a third world country subject to constant coups and military rule, a place where multinational banana companies controlled the economy, and a society struggling to keep pace with a politically and economically changing world.

But the 1920's were also the days of the late(...)

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Contributed by Andrew Dabdoub on 09.05.2007:

One of the few studies of the Palestinian experience in the United States was published by Kathleen Christison in the Journal of Palestine Studies in 1989. It details how Palestinian Americans for the most part have adapted quickly and successfully to American society while retaining a remarkable level of awareness of and involvement in the culture and politics of the land from which they or (...)

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Palestinian Americans

Contributed by Andrew Dabdoub on 01.05.2007:

Palestinian Americans are Americans of Palestinian ancestry.

It is difficult to say when the first Palestinian immigrants arrived at the United States, however, many of the first immigrants to arrive were Christians leaving Ottoman Palestine in the late 1800s, others came as a result of the 1948 conflict, imposed by Israel, and various conflicts after that.

Some cam(...)

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