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Family History Based Tourism: Case in Point: Artas Folklore Center, the Twelfth Annual Lettuce Festival, April 7, 8 and 9, 2006, and

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 05.02.2014:

Family History Based Tourism: Case in Point: Artas Folklore Center, the Twelfth Annual Lettuce Festival, April 7, 8 and 9, 2006, and

By Leyla Zuaiter

The village of Artas, near the Solomon’s pools just south of Bethlehem ,enjoys a particularly rich and varied tangible and intangible heritage, which has been studied by local and foreign scholars almost cont(...)

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We Shall Return – The Story of Iqrit

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 28.05.2012:

By Fida Jiryis

This Week in Palestine

May 2012

“I don’t want to open all my wounds…,” says Maher Daoud, a descendent of Iqrit refugees, as we drive to the site where the village of his parents once stood. I wince and apologise, aware of how difficult the subject must be for him.

Iqrit is one of the 350 or so Palestinian villages that were completely destroyed and e(...)

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Artas Weddings

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 19.04.2012:

The Artas Wedding was one of the subjects researched and photographed by Hilma Grandvast and dealt with in Karen Seger's book about Artas A Portrait of a Village. parter.The Artas traditional Artas Wedding is often reenacted by the Artas Spring for visitors. The Artas Folklore Troupe is in great demand at weddings near and far. Their involvement of the audience to (...)

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Women and Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 11.04.2012:

Women, both local and foreign, play a vital role in the history and heritage of Artas, as researcher informants, story tellers and researchers themselves. As well as being a meeting place of ecosystems and civilizations, Artas has long been a place of women's encounters. In ancient times, the valley was said to be filled with thousands of King Solomon's concubines, while for the last 150 ye(...)

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Vintage Photos of Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 10.04.2012:

The Artas Folklore Center has a permanent exhibit of some of the photos of Hilma Granqvist, the Swedish/Finnish Anthropologist who studied the lives of the villagers from cradle to grave. It is fun to guess which child in the photo is the grandfather of a villager in the room. Several people have submitted vintage photos of Artas to, notably Turathuna of Bethelehem Univer(...)

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Test Your Artas I. Q.

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 03.04.2012:

Artas Folklore Center's Artas Challenge Quiz [[picture:"." ID:186]]

Think you know all there is to know about Artas? Take the Artas Challenge Quiz and find out!

1. What event so embarrassed an Artas schoolteacher that he dedicated the remainder of his life to collecting, preserving and promoting the rich heritage of his village?

2. Why is it said that Artas is a meeting (...)

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Can the Samaritans Bounce Back?

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 27.10.2011:

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October 2011

If an alien race descended to earth on an evening in late April and made a stopover at the top of Mount Gerizim, they would surely conclude that human civilisation has not changed much since the biblical era. At this point each year, the entire Samaritan clan, resplendent in flowing white robes, gathers at the summit of their spiritual home to conduct a(...)

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The story of Bil’in

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 18.10.2011:


By Hamdi Abu-Rahmah

Mailing received 10/16/2011



Ten year old Abed Khaled, Iyad's son, is the second boy of four children. He is short in size, but strong and fierce in his choice of words.

Every week I(...)

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Palestijnse Christenen: Roeping en Oproep

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 21.04.2011:

Palestijnse Christenen: Roeping en Oproep

Toine van Teeffelen

Dit stuk is geschreven n.a.v. een inleiding op de ontmoetingsdag Europese contacten van de Remonstrantse Kerk (Taakgroep Europese Contacten – TEC, Vrede) en de Nederlandse ledengroep van de International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), op 26 maart 2011 in Bussum.

In dit stuk wil ik een enigszins risk(...)

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The City of Bethlehem

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 22.12.2010:

By Khalil Shokeh

This Week in Palestine

December 2010

The first historical reference to the city of Bethlehem appears in Tel Amarneh manuscripts discovered in the small village of Tel Amarneh between Thebes and Memphis in Egypt. The origin of the name of the city is Aramaic, meaning House of Bread. Its Biblical name is Ephrath which means “fertile.”

Bethlehem distr(...)

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