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Genealogy and Oral History Matters in Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 14.04.2012:

Genealogy and Oral History Matters in Artas

Musa Sanad kept the genealogies of Artas up-to-date, thus extending them from the time of Hilma Granqvist. Learn why genealogy still matters in Artas below the image.

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A page showing the genealogies of Artas Families from Musa Sanad’s manuscript on Artas

In western countries, the search for roots has led to an explosion of interest in genealogy and family history, which includes what is more commonly referred to as “oral history” in the Palestinian contxt. This field offers much potential in many unsuspected areas including, tourism, community development, education, skill building, network creation and even new products. Begin your exploration below.

Family History Based Tourism: Case in Point: Artas Folklore Center, the Twelfth Annual Lettuce Festival April 7, 8 and 9, 2006 Paltournews February/March 2006 No. 10 What happens when a high-tech family history Internet site meets an ancient Palestinian village at a traditional local festival? Read about the promise of for developing rural heritage centers.

For more about the importance of Genealogy and Family History to Palestinians in general and its practical applications in a variety of ways see:

The Importance of Family History and Genealogy

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