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Gaza 1967 – ZA’ROUR & AYYAD family reunion

Contributed by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 31.10.2007:

Gaza 1967 A reunion of the Za’rour & Ayyad families on August 10, 1967 in Gaza.ZAROUR: 1)Andree – husband of Nada(18) 2)Marcel 3)Jack 4)Laurice 6)Henry 7)Jeanne – daughter of Andree & Henriette 9)Marcelle 10)Sofie 11)Carmel 12)Henriette – wife of Andree(1) 16)YAQOUB and his wife 17)LAURISSE 19)Germaine 20)Fleur.AYYAD: 5)Suhail 8)Hanna – husband of Nada(18) 13)? 14)Suhaila 15)Salwa Ayyad (Ghawi) 18)Nada – wife of Hanna(8) 21)Laura Ayyad (Hashweh)Thanks to Reem Odeh for filling the names of 5)Suhail Ayyad, 14) Suhaila Ayyad, and 21) Salwa Ayyad (now Ghawi), on March 30, 2009. And the corrections on Feb. 2, 2010 Original Content Creator: Fayez (Frank) Nasser / Toronto, Canada

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