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Fayeq [Mike} Nasser

Contributed by Mary Nasser on 26.07.2007:

Born in Bethlehem March 1945, son of Issa Jacob Nasser & Azizeh Hanna Qanawati. Married to Mary Anton Nasser Al Jaar with 2 daughters Mary Anne & Caroline.

Worked in Kuwait at Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait until 1985. Moved to Canada and worked for The Business Development Bank of Canada [BDC] as the National Manager, Consulting Group. Currently working as a consultant [Certifed International Trade Professional & Business Management Consultant]for BDC. Also serves as a consultant for the European Bank for Reconstruction.

Past President of Scarborough Chamber of Commerce, Past Director of Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Past co-chair of accreditation Committee at the Forum for Interantional Trade Training [FITT].

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