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English Teacher

Contributed by Bruce Burgess on 04.01.2010:

I’ve just retired from teaching English as a Foreign language and have some time to spare. All my life I have supported the Palestinian cause and would now like to offer my services (for free, of course) to any Palestinian citizen who wants to learn English. Since I’m in the UK at the moment, it would have to be over the net. Any interest?


Bryson Jamess

on 12.01.2010

There is no doubt that knowledge is a quality/must for a good teacher. In addition to his/her professional knowledge, the teacher need to enlarge his/her general knowledge on culture, society, humanity, psychology, methodology, politics, history, etc. to provide his/her students with what they need to know, satisfy their curiosity and meet their requirements in any case.

Another quality that a good teacher should have is his/her devotion to and great love for those who call him ‘sir’ or her ‘madam’ in class. Generally speaking, the students are not mature enough to behave properly. They are sometimes really stubborn. Consequently, the teacher has to learn how to handle the students’ troubles in a gentle and affectionate manner. He/she should pay adequate attention to the students and know how to keep calm in any situation so that he/she can give the students some advice when they are in need or help them distinguish the right from the wrong.