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Did anyone leave their daughter on the street in early 1987?

Contributed by Magda H. on 23.03.2008:

Hey.My second question is if someone abandoned their baby and left it lying by a street at or outside Zarqa refugee camp in early 1987 wrapped in a blanket? If you know of any such person, let me know!If so, well that baby was me. =)


Gabrielle O'Connor

on 05.04.2008

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Gabrielle O'Connor

on 06.04.2008

I am not sure if my earlier message was actually relayed as I am having trouble logging in but what I said was that I hope you can find relatives and, perhaps, your mother. It must have been absolutely devastating for her to leave you. Life in the refugee camps is terrible and she probably had no choice. Hope all is well with you otherwise and best regards
Gay O’Connor