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Palestinian am I

Contributed by Mona Wafa on 16.03.2008:

No one can take away from me

My identity,

For it is mine.

Palestinian am I.

I am the river that flows

Through my land.

I am the mountain

Noble and magnificent

Rising up out of chaos and destruction.

I greet the morning sun

That shines down on my fertile valleys

And parches my barren desert.

I am the red poppy (...)

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a Landscape of Tragedy a Language of Sad Rhymes

Contributed by HIyam Noir on 02.03.2008:


Palestinian Child Martyr February 28 2008

Photo Fady Adwan PalestineFreeVoice Images

Poetry4Palestine - In Cause of Justice

By Hiyam Noir

Landscape of Tragedy

a Language of Sad Rhymes

no definition

no persona

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Eye to Eye – Gihad Ali

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 25.02.2008:

Look into my eyes

And tell me what you see.

You don't see a damn thing,

'cause you can't possibly relate to me.

You're blinded by our differences.

My life makes no sense to you.

I'm the persecuted Palestinian.

You're the American red, white and blue.

Each day you wake in tranquility,

No fears to cross your eyes.

Each day I (...)

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Who Am I?

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 06.02.2008:

“Who Am I” is a song whose lyrics and music were written by Rima Nasir Tarazi. It is also part of Ila Mata (Until When), a CD that was produced by the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in October 2006 and sung by Tania Tamari Nasir.


Who am I but a speck of dust, a drop of water and a gentle breeze?

Without me there is no being, there is no life


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“On This Earth”

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 05.02.2008:

Poem by Mahmoud Darwish

We have on this earth what makes life worth living: April's hesitation, the aroma of bread at dawn, a woman's point of view about men, the works of Aeschylus, the beginning of love, grass on a stone, mothers living on a flute's sigh and the invaders' fear of memories.

We have on this earth what makes life worth living: the final days of September, a woman(...)

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The Poetic Expression of a Political Man

Contributed by Jerusalem Quarterly on 22.12.2007:

Ibrahim Nasrallah introduces Diwani, a collection of poems by Ahmad Hilmi Abdelbaqi (1882-1963)

Jerusalem Quarterly

Winter 2006

Issue 25

This essay was written by poet and novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah as the introduction to Ahmad Hilmi Abdelbaqi’s posthumous collection of poetry entitled Diwani. As the editor of the collection, Nasrallah divides Ahmad Hilmi’s poems i(...)

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Poetry of Rebellion: The Life, Verse and Death of Nuh Ibrahim during the 1936-39 Revolt

Contributed by Jerusalem Quarterly on 22.12.2007:

Jerusalem Quarterly

Issue 25

Winter 2006

Perhaps no other Palestinian popular poet garnered the fame and popularity of Nuh Ibrahim.1 Unlike other Palestinian poets from the twentieth century who wrote in Modern Standard Arabic [fusha] and published in newspapers and journals, Nuh Ibrahim recited and sang his poems in the colloquial dialect and was the poet of the common p(...)

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Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 06.12.2007:

What a beautiful word.

What a beautiful place.

Poised with dignity.

Full of grace.

The people, they suffer.

Individually they need.

Yet together they stand

And united they bleed.

Their land was once green

Fertile and giving.

Now it is lost

Yet still they keep living.

Their children are born

They are bor(...)

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“Seasons of Violet” By Rim Banna

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 23.06.2007:

Lovesongs from Palestine

“Seasons of Violet” - Lovesongs from Palestine is Palestinian singer Rim Banna’s new music album released by KKV, the Norwegian record and distribution company. The album has already achieved spectacular presence on the international and Arab music markets, following the success of the artist’s previous albums, “The Mirrors of My Soul,” “This Was Not My Story,”(...)

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Jerusalem, Fairuz, and the Moon

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 31.03.2007:

The Radio and the Discourse of Love in Modern Arabic Song

By Dr. Ali and Aida Qleibo

I have always lived my life according to the dictates of the moment. My feelings, my thoughts about my feelings, and my feelings about my thoughts constitute an intricate net in whose context both cause and effect dissolve into each other. In the process, my actions assume a heightened sense of (...)

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