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Embroidery in Ramallah Region

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 19.07.2006:

An important embroidery center with a distinctive mode was Ramallah. The Ramallah thob with its cross-stitch embroidery in red silks was characterized by neat and somewhat restrained patterns. The people of Ramallah apparently originated from Shaubak in Jordan some three hundreds years ago. Although it was once thought that they might have brought their style of embroidery with them this seem(...)

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The Embroidery of Ramallah

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 17.06.2006:

By Nuha Musleh

This is the first article in a series on Palestinian embroidery and especially that of the Ramallah area, looking at the meaning of the patterns used and their significance, the stories behind them and their importance in Palestinian folklore. This article will look at Ramallah's festive attire, referring to an article that was written in 1935 by Grace Crowfoot and Phy(...)

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Glassblowing in Hebron

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 04.06.2006:

“Glass blowing was brought to Palestine from Turkey more than 300 hundred years ago by his forefathers, recounts Faris Al-Natsheh of one of the largest Glass and Pottery Factories in Hebron:

“My great grandfather began making rings, bracelets, beads, and a line of medical “Kas Al-Hawa” (meaning Vacuum Glass) used since medieval times for the treatment known as “cupping” to draw pain fr(...)

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Potters of Palestine

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 28.05.2006:

The three Sandrouni brothers, George, Garo and Harout began the Armenian Art Centre in 1983 to display the work of Armenian artists, potters and craftsmen. Gradually they began to produce pottery themselves and the center has become a gallery for Sandrouni art work.

Harout Sandrouni, a civil engineer by trade spent two years in Australia working in a ceramics factory learning the techn(...)

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The Stone and Marble Industry

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 14.05.2006:

The stone and marble industry in Palestine is one of the most important and supportive sectors of the Palestinian economy. It is also one of the conventional and historic industries. All researchers agree that the Palestinian stone is distinguished for its type, quality and diverse colours.

Economic Indicators

The Palestinian stone production is the 12th largest in the world and(...)

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