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The Palestinian Scarf … Fashion Statement or Symbol?

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 16.11.2008:

A Palestinian Scarf Becomes Hip-hop Chic

By Lawrence Delevingne

In 1988, I bought my very first black and white Palestinian scarf from a clothing shop in my city, Jenin. I used to wear it as a symbol and to cover my face when we were going to fight against the occupation and throw stones at the Israeli soldiers. In 2008, I saw something that looked like a kaffiyeh, but with lots(...)

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Designing Palestinian Handicrafts

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 31.10.2008:

By Shirabe Yamada

Design genius and artist - it is a title that befits the women who made Palestine’s dresses in the old days. With their meticulous embroidering skills and extraordinary sense of colour and shape, the women used fabric as a canvas for their creativity.

Take, for example, a dress from the lost village of Beit Dajan in central Palestine. Cross-stitch in shades of (...)

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Palestinian Design in the Context of Furniture Production

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 31.10.2008:

By Hani Mourad

Design is one of the most important elements that adds to the competitive advantage of any product, yet we see that this is an aspect almost totally marginalised in Palestinian society. We manufacture fewer and fewer goods, placing our confidence instead in someone else’s design abilities and quality production; weakening, in the process, our manufacturing sectors.

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Armenian Pottery and the Karakashians

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 31.10.2008:

By Tzoghig Aintablian Karakashian

When you take a walk through the market alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City today, you are charmed by its unique atmosphere and people, the spicy odours, the unique sounds of church bells and mosques calling for prayers. Of course you cannot avoid the overzealous owners of the myriad souvenir shops who want to sell you their merchandise ranging from olive w(...)

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Blue rough cotton woman’s shirt with pointed sleeves.

Contributed by S. Suleiman on 30.06.2008:

Plate 36. The sleeves of this shirt are cut out of one piece, and not put together, as is the case with the shirt shown on the previous plate. The seams are often decorated with multicoloured silk stitches. The native women of Jerusalem used to wear garments cut in a similar fashion, but of huge dimensions. They were gathered in the ancient Persian manner, and the upper sleeve-edges were tied(...)

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The Emergence of Trade in the City of Hebron

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 11.04.2008:

and Its Development over the Past One Hundred Years

By Mohammad Nafez Al Hirbawi

Hebron is considered one of the historical Palestinian cities that have a distinct geographic and demographic character. It is one of the most important cities built by Canaanite Arabs who gave it the name, “The City of Four.” It became known by its current name when the Prophet Ibrahim al-Khalil ca(...)

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Magic and Talismans

Contributed by Jerusalem Quarterly on 24.01.2008:

Baha’ al-Ju’beh

The Tawfiq Canaan Collection of Palestinian Amulets


The Jerusalem Quarterly

Issue 22-23

For most people, the notion of amulets is a thing of the nostalgic past, one associated with rituals and folk beliefs. Amulets and talismans are seen as objects of superstitions, fetishes that simple folk resorted to in solving health ailments or a(...)

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Palestinian handicrafts

Contributed by Palestinian Heritage Center on 28.12.2007:

Photo taken in Palestinian Heritage Center (Maha Saca) in Bethlehem near Rachel's Tomb)

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Bethlehem handicrafts

Contributed by Palestinian Heritage Center on 28.12.2007:

Palestinian Handicrafts and old photos from Bethlehem

available in the Palestinian Heritage Center (Maha Saca).

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Traditional Palestinian dress

Contributed by Palestinian Heritage Center on 29.11.2007:

At the Palestinian Heritage Center, Maha Saca


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