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Jibneh webattikh

Contributed by Mary Nasser on 11.06.2012:

From our heritage in Bethlehem

Watermelon with Cheese (Jibneh webattikh)

This is a light summer supper dish very popular in Palestine. I had it very often growing up in Bethlehem on warm summer days. The white salted cheese complements the sweetness of the watermelon. Add to it a piece of fresh and warm Palestinian pita bread “Kmaj” to produce a superb taste that you will never (...)

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Regional Food Fests

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 27.10.2011:


October 2011

Palestine’s top delicacies are harvested at points spread around the country and calendar, so dedicated foodies must always know what to eat and where. Celebrations have grown out of some of the most popular harvests, so we picked out some of the best food festivals in the best locations. The festivals are in alphabetical order.

Aubergine (Battir) Festiv(...)

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The Palestinian Tabun

Contributed by Fuad Giacaman on 01.02.2010:

Tabun is an Arabic word for a traditional Palestinian oven.

It is usually made from clay mixed with grain straws. The tabun has a conic or volcano shape with an opening on the top from which the dough for the bread is entered and taken out. Tabun bread is flat bread eaten in our country as well in other countries of the Arab world. It is usually eaten alone, hot, or with Palestinian za(...)

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Contributed by Carole Makhoul Hani on 30.12.2009: interactive Arabic and English food site with recipes from the Arab world, restaurants in Arab cities, and nutritional advice from Carole Hani (Registered Dietitian). Find and share what you are looking for on!

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Gypsies in Jerusalem: food

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 01.12.2009:

From the new Domari website

The food native to the Dom of Jerusalem is a combination of the foods their ancestors ate, and the food of their Arabic hostland.

Food takes the lead in community celebrations, such as weddings and circumcisions and life cycle events, such as funerals. Main dishes usually consist of chicke(...)

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Mystic Karabeej Halab

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

Kamel Mohammad Ismael Abu ‘Jway’ed, has achieved great fame in the mountains of Hebron. Over the past ten years, the cement enclosure that serves as a bus stop at Al-Majd has come to be closely associated with the most savoury karabeej halab. From 3:00 p.m. until sunset cars from as far away as Dura and Dhahiriyeh pull up by the bus stop, which has been turned into a kitchenette, driven by th(...)

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Palestinian Cooking

Contributed by Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program on 31.08.2009:

an interview with Mrs. Laurette Al Zoughbi about Palestinian cooking. This interview was conducted as part of the Spirit of Sumud- Cultural tourism program

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Syrian Foods

Contributed by Pearl Solomon on 20.07.2009:

I learned to cook Syrian foods from my Inlaws! Since they are deceased,I have been unable to get some of the recipes that they made.

This site that I found,is just about the same as the foods that I do make.So I would like to be able to get recipes that I missed in my years married to their son.

Thank you,

Pearl Solomon

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Wine from Bethlehem stopped at airport

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 07.12.2008:

Birmingham Post

Israel stops altar wine from reaching Birmingham

Dec 3 2008

by Catherine Lillington, Birmingham Post

Israelis halt flow of altar wine for Birmingham

Altar wine on its way from the birthplace of Jesus to Birmingham has been stopped by border police because of claims it is a "security risk".

The organic wine, made at the Cremisan winery (...)

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