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Convent of the Enclosed Garden, Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 25.02.2006:

The Convent of the Hortus Conclusus or “Enclosed Garden” was built in 1901 by engineers from the Morcos family in nearby Bethlehem to house an Italian order of nuns from Uruguy. It is thus not only a fitting reminder of the verse from Solomon’s song after which it is named, but also that Artas has always been a meeting point for different civilizations. However, few people from neighboring Bethlehem realize the long-standing and varied links between them and this village so nearby or take advantage of the opportunity to commune with nature or reconnect with this rich heritage.For more information read: “Of Memory and Magic, Missionaries and Museums:more than meets the “eye” in Artas.” Original Content Creator: Leyla Zuaiter

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