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PFN Volunteer in Palestine

Contributed by Miluse Tumova on 18.08.2007:

An article from November 2006

Welcome to the palestine-family website!

My name is Mila. I am a Czech volunteer who came to Palestine nearly a month ago to spend here one year (contact: aei.mila@seznam.cz, Skype-nick: aei.mila). I work at the Arab Educational Institute (AEI) in Bethlehem and the topic of my work is the documentation of the cultural heritage of the Palestinian pe(...)

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Virtual Voyage to Palestine— No Visa Required

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 24.11.2006:

By Leyla Zuaiter

Dear All,

You are used to hearing about all my adventures and misadventures in this beautiful and intriguing country. Now, standing 359º east of Truth and 2º south of Cyberspace, I am about to embark on one of the most fascinating voyages to date. By the time you read these words, Palestine-family.net (PFN) will have finally been launched and set sail on cyan cy(...)

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Paradox, Perversity and Promise

Contributed by Arab Educational Institute on 31.01.2006:

A Journey into Palestinian Genealogy

By Leyla Zuaiter

First published in This Week in Palestine, January 2006.

If I initially demurred when approached by Toine Van Teeffelen to give a workshop on Family History and Genealogy to the women’s group of the Arab Educat(...)

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