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The Arab Women’s Union, Bethlehem

Contributed by Bethlehem Arab Women's Union on 15.10.2006:

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The Arab Women’s Union Bethlehem is a non-profit Charitable, Social, and Cultural Society, founded in November 1947. Its current activities include:

1- Nutrition Project

2- The Embroidery Center with a permanent exhibition

3- The Museum of Tradition and Popular Art: “Baitouna Al-Taihami”

4- A new Museum specialized on the History of t(...)

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ina’sh al-usra

Contributed by Ina'ash Usra on 09.10.2006:

تأسيس المركز وتاريخه

تأسس المركز عام 1972 باسم "لجنة الأبحاث الاجتماعية والتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني"، وذلك بعد أن دعت رئيسة الجمعية المرحومة سلامة خليل عدداً من المهتمين المتحمسين، وأغلبهم من غير ذوي الاختصاص إلى اجتماعات نتج عنها تأسيس اللجنة. وكانت باكورة فعالياتها، صدور كتاب "دراسة في المجتمع والتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني- قرية ترمسعيا" عام 1973، وهي أول دراسة من نوعها في فلسطين. ثم أصدرت ا(...)

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Aims and Activities of the Artas Folklore Center

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 28.09.2006:

The work of the Artas Folklore Center falls into three main areas: preservation and documentation of heritage, tourism and recreation, and community outreach which are inextricably bound. Read below picture for details.

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Preservation and Documentation of Tangible and Intangible Heritage

• Development of ways to protect the natural heritage, landscape (...)

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2007 Snapshot of the Artas Folklore Center

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 28.09.2006:

(Archive of the Artas Folklore Center)

May 2007 Inauguration of Il Iliyeh Website Cafe

Days after receiving a donation of a computer lab from the European Union Office for Technical Assistance / West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Iliyeh Website Cafe was up and running, providing a much needed service for villagers. Providing services such as these is one way in which the Artas Folklo(...)

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Artas Folklore Center Snapshot – September 2006

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 28.09.2006:

September 28, 2006

(Archive of the Artas Folklore Center)

[[picture:"aeidance.jpg" ID:2042]]

The Artas Folklore Center is ready for take-off. The 2006 Lettuce Festival had a varied and interesting program last year and was well-attended, despite a very short planning period and limited funds, fulfilling our goal of jumpstarting our work after the death of our founder in J(...)

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Tourism and Recreation in Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 28.09.2006:

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Located a 10 minute drive to the South of Bethlehem near Solomon's Pools, Artas brims with delights for the senses and the imagination. The first heritage center licensed by the Palestinian Authority, the Artas Folklore Center is known for its ethnographic museum and library, restored historic buildings, lettuce festival, folklore troupe and handicrafts. There is(...)

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Attractions of Artas

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 28.09.2006:

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Of the villages surrounding Bethlehem, Artas is the ideal rural tourist destination to develop. It is at once typical of Palestinian villages, making it of interest to foreigners, while it also enjoys the distinction of many unique physical and socio-cultural features, which make it attractive and interesting to Palestinians from other areas. Artas is easily reac(...)

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The Jerusalemite family of Quttainah

Contributed by Dr. Mohammed Quttainah on 13.09.2006:

The Jerusalemite family of Quttainah


Written by:

Majdi Anwar Quttainah, PhD

Mona Anwar Quttainah, MD

Edited by:

Anwar Mohammed Quttainah, CFPA

Naela Awni Quttainah, BA

Mohammed Anwar Quttainah, MD

Compiled by:

Husam Abdul Hafith Quttainah, BSc


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Resilience in the Palestinian Occupied Territories (1)

Contributed by Toine Van Teeffelen on 03.09.2006:


Toine van Teeffelen, Hania Bitar and Saleem Habash

A focus on resilience is an extremely useful angle for looking at the mental health situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT: the West Bank, Gaza and East-Jerusalem). On the one hand, Palestinians there are dealing with a broad range of adversities and psycholo(...)

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