Palestinian chef in exile

Contributed by Sufian Mustafa on 29.03.2008:


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Sambar for pins

Contributed by Linda Sambar on 17.02.2008:

We have the world largest variety of Palestine solidarity items, visit us at:

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National Council for Development website

Contributed by National Council For Development NCD on 21.10.2006:

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Palestine Hotels

Contributed by Yusef Daher on 08.03.2006:

Has researching your roots made you want to come visit the home of your ancestors? What took you so long? Palestine has a large selection of hotels for you to chose from, including some as in the picture above that were once a family home.

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The Educational Bookshop -Jerusalem

Contributed by Imad Muna on 03.03.2006:

[[picture:"test2.JPG" ID:250]]

We have the widest selection of books on Palestine of interest to the family historian, researcher, tourist or just about anybody else: memoirs, vintage photography, books on Palestinian tribes, clans and families, historic novels, poetry, reference works on Palestine, cookbooks, guidebooks, maps, dictionaries, proverbs, CD's and cassettes to learn Arabic(...)

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In the Camps

Contributed by Palestine on 04.02.2006:

Day after day the media talk about the development of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the occupation of the territories, and the logic of ever more violence. Since the beginning of the second Intifadah, the type of news shown doesn't change much. The large part of the news ignores the mass of the Palestinian people. Those who fled their land in 1948 and 1967(...)

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