Salesian Artistic Centre in Bethlehem

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 23.06.2007:

A unique opportunity in Bethlehem for vocational training in traditional craftsmanship

By Sara Faustinelli

No doubt, the city of Bethlehem is one of the capitals of the Palestinian handicraft tradition. And that is why it was chosen by the Italian NGO, VIS (International Volunteering for Development), Italian Cooperation, and Caritas to open a centre for vocational training in c(...)

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Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 31.03.2007:

Ambassadors for Palestine: Young Musicians Take to the World Stage

By Heather Bursheh

As the world buries its head in the sand and Palestinians continue to be vilified and misrepresented in many international circles, two groups of extraordinary young Palestinians are actively challenging negative stereotypes and placing Palestine firmly on the world map of music.

Two gro(...)

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Al Sanabel Center for the study of the Palestinian popular (folk) heritage

Contributed by Sanabel Center on 30.03.2007:

and Palestinian traditional culture


Al Sanabel Center for the study of the Palestinian popular ( folk ) heritage ( Palestinian traditional culture ) was established ( 1996) in seir , a town with historic significance located about 6 km northeast of the city of Hebron . The center is registered with the Palestinian ministry of information under the number 11/ MA .

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An Najah University in Nablous

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 05.03.2007:

Education in Nablus

By Dr. Nabil Alawi

Nablus is one of the Palestinian cities that has made education a top priority since the early part of the twentieth century. In 1918, An-Najah School, the mother institution of the present An-Najah National University, was established and in 1941, the school was promoted to a college with a programme that led to a secondary-school diploma.(...)

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The Natural History Museum

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 17.01.2007:

By Simon Awad

Palestinian natural heritage is an integral part of the Palestinian national identity. This is because of the diverse range of fauna and flora that is found in such a small area that Palestinians call home. The richness of the land’s biodiversity is linked to the variety of landscapes, climate, and its strategic location. Thus, one can say that Palestine is a natural muse(...)

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The Palestinian Heritage Foundation

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 09.12.2006:

The Palestinian Heritage Foundation A Legacy of Pride

By Hanan Karaman Munayyer and Farah Joseph Munayyer

The seed for what would become the Palestinian Heritage Foundation was planted in the mid-1980s when Hanan Munayyer went back to Palestine and bought a traditional embroidered Palestinian dress in the Arab East Jerusalem Souk. The dress was the driving force behind the begin(...)

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Palestinian Heritage Center

Contributed by Palestinian Heritage Center on 23.10.2006:


The Palestinian Heritage Center (PHC) was established in 1991 in Bethlehem. Mrs. Maha Saca, who directs the Center, possesses extensive experience and background in Palestinian folklore especially traditional embroidery, its origins and its meanings. She had done research on the cultural background of many Palestinian communities in the past 10 years.

The Center has (...)

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National Council for Development (NCD)

Contributed by National Council For Development NCD on 21.10.2006:


National Council for Development (NCD) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, registered by the Palestinian Authority under the No. HB-518-88. NCD is designed to respond to priority Palestinian NGOs needs. NCD is community development based organization working to sustain comprehensive development. NCD give the priority to those w(...)

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The Arab Women’s Union, Bethlehem

Contributed by Bethlehem Arab Women's Union on 15.10.2006:

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The Arab Women’s Union Bethlehem is a non-profit Charitable, Social, and Cultural Society, founded in November 1947. Its current activities include:

1- Nutrition Project

2- The Embroidery Center with a permanent exhibition

3- The Museum of Tradition and Popular Art: “Baitouna Al-Taihami”

4- A new Museum specialized on the History of t(...)

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ina’sh al-usra

Contributed by Ina'ash Usra on 09.10.2006:

تأسيس المركز وتاريخه

تأسس المركز عام 1972 باسم "لجنة الأبحاث الاجتماعية والتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني"، وذلك بعد أن دعت رئيسة الجمعية المرحومة سلامة خليل عدداً من المهتمين المتحمسين، وأغلبهم من غير ذوي الاختصاص إلى اجتماعات نتج عنها تأسيس اللجنة. وكانت باكورة فعالياتها، صدور كتاب "دراسة في المجتمع والتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني- قرية ترمسعيا" عام 1973، وهي أول دراسة من نوعها في فلسطين. ثم أصدرت ا(...)

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