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Putting the Jericho Equestrian Club on the Map

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 07.11.2011:

TWIP November 2011

By Marian Houk

The Jericho Equestrian Club was established in 1994 by one man driven by a dream and the power of his will. It is now the only place in Palestine offering all types of equestrian activities, including sports training, horse care, entertainment, and therapy for riders with special needs. It hopes, eventually, to develop a Palestinian Olympic eque(...)

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Craftaid and Sunbola

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 02.01.2010:

We Also Care

In 1988 a local committee, with Carol Morton, wife of the Reverend Colin Morton of St. Andrew’s Church in Jerusalem, founded Craftaid, a non-profit organisation that markets crafts from women’s groups, societies for those with special needs, and other social enterprises in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. This was the predecessor of Sunbula, Palestine’s leading fair trade (...)

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Broadcast Media in Palestine

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 02.01.2010:

By In’am El-Obeidi

Although print media in Palestine has been in existence for a long time, Palestinian broadcast media, which was introduced after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), has attracted widespread attention among Palestinians. In fact, whereas the number of local stations is rapidly increasing, the number of print dailies (three) remains the same.(...)

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Television industry in Palestine

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 02.01.2010:

The Need to Support the Fledging Television Industry in Palestine

By Daoud Kuttab

Television production is rather new in Palestine. Until 1994 Palestinians had access to regional and international television stations. Palestine TV was born with the Oslo Accords when Palestinian negotiators extracted the concession from the Israelis on the reasoning that radio and television were(...)

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Working on women and disabilities in Palestine

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

Challenges of Equal Opportunity for Women with Disabilities in Palestine. From Rights to Reality

By Ola Abu Alghaib

It is widely acknowledged that, regardless of where in the world they live, women with disabilities are one of the most marginalised, neglected, violated, excluded and isolated groups in society. Women with disabilities throughout the world suffer manifold discrimi(...)

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Rehabilitation by Palestinian NGOs

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

Rehabilitation: a story of transformation and change

By Ghada A. Harami

When Kareem is able to enrol in his village school with his siblings and peers, we are hopeful. When Leila is able to participate in her family activities and be active within the community, we are proud. When Samar is able to join the university, have access to all its resources, and ultimately equally comp(...)

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Arab Workshop for the Blind, Jerusalem

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

By Irene Archos

Navigating through the labyrinthine streets of the Old City of Jerusalem is hard enough with a map, but what if you were blind? Many a morning outside my house near the fifth station on the Via Dolorosa I see blind men arm-in-arm on their way to work who easily make their way around the city without getting lost like me. They are workers at the Arab Blind Workshop nestl(...)

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Gender and disabilities in Palestine

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

Gender and Disabilities: Marginal Issues in Palestinian Development and Rights Initiatives

By Lamis Abu Nahleh. Ph.D

Under the heading “Diseases” in the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) summary of the final results of the Population, Housing and Establishment Census 2007, we learn that the disability rate in the West Bank (WB), excluding Jerusalem, is 5.3 percent (...)

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Organizations working on disability in Palestine

Contributed by This Week In Palestine on 18.09.2009:

Disability in Palestine

By Dr. Kamal Abu Qamar

Unlike the situation in previous years, the issue of disability - in Palestine, in general, and in the Gaza Strip, in particular - has been on the top of everyone’s agenda: the General Union for the Disabled, non-governmental organisations, and international organisations such as Diakonia/NAD, Handicap International, WHO, and variou(...)

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