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Christmas Carols “special”

Contributed by Richard Soudah on 03.12.2008:

Deborah Fink, a jewish opera singer who wants to help Palestinians organized a concert at the St James Church at Picadilly in London last week where she and a choir sang Christmas carols re-written to tell the story of Bethlehem as it is now. Sample: “Once in royal David’s city Stood a big apartheid wall; People entering and leaving Had to pass a checkpoint hall. Bethlehem was strangulated, And her children segregated”.Deborah Fink, an organizer with Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, one of the two sponsors, said the holiday season provides a once-a-year opportunity to reach out to Christians and to those who celebrate Christmas. See: and thank Deborah Richard Soudah


Michael Schonberger

on 02.09.2009