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Contributed by Luke Powell on 31.01.2006:

Near Nebi Musa, Palestine, 1980, 35 mm Nikon F2, Nikkor lens, ¬©Luke Powell, 1997.“The camel’s owner was not much larger than I was. I probably weighed around one hundred and twenty pounds, fifty-five kilos, at the time. For the two of us a baby camel was a handfull, and when he said that we were going to carry the thing back up to the top of the cliff, I said that he was joking. In the end we did it, and he gave me not a moments rest all the way to the top. I have never before or since felt my heart pound like that, fast and hard, thud, thud, thud, thud…. Then a strange thing happened. I got over it very quickly. At a high altitude one gets out of breath rather easily, but here at well below sea level, in that thick air, I was back to normal in a short time.” Luke Powell Original Content Creator: Luke Powell

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