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Butterflies from Nablus dancing for peace and love under the skies of Europe

Contributed by Armando Gaetaniello on 08.07.2009:

Subject: tour in Europe under the title

“Butterflies from Nablus dancing for peace and love under the skies of Europe”

Masha’el Falesteen is preparing itself for a cultural tour in the European cities and neighbourhoods, where they wish to make their dance performance under the title “Butterflies from Nablus dancing for peace and love under the skies of Europe”. This folk dance group, consisting of 16 persons (13 mixed dancers and 3 mentors), will begin their tour on the 15th of June from the city of Nablus in Palestine to the French capital of Paris. Later-on they will be touring different European countries and cities in partnership with hosting organisations, associations and friends until the 15th of August.

We, together with some befriended associations and institutions have already provided a large portion of the funds required to cover the expenses of the trip to Paris from Nablus. However, in order to cover other expenses during the tour, and to cover the internal transportations, we hope that you can help us by providing some materials for the dance show, along with some other things, namely:

• Well-lit theater that can hold a row of 13 dancers, where they can perform and a good sound system to play the Palestinian songs.

• Covering the transportations from the previous hosting city and the transportations related to the performance in your home city.

• Providing some space where we can put up a small exhibition of some Palestinian handicrafts and soap.

• Providing accommodations for the dance group (it could be an interesting option to host the dancers with local families).

By hosting us in your institutions and by harbouring our performance you will paint a smile on our children’s faces when they meet you and get to know your institutions and children; by helping us to organise one or more performances in your home country or city, you will actually help us in realising this project we have all been working towards all year.

You have the full right and liberty in the preparation and coordination of the program as you see appropriate, and depending on your programs and schedule; according to that we will work together organising ourselves with you and with others.

Masha’el Falesteen wishes to make this summer as special as possible with your help and under its title “Butterflies from Nablus dancing for peace and love under the skies of Europe”, because our children believe that art knows no borders, but promotes friendship and love among people around the world. Meeting you will prove these words in which we have always believed to be more than just words.

We are full of hope because we believe in you

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