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Bethlehemites in Kiev, early 1900’s

Contributed by Kathy Kenny on 20.05.2009:

Seeking information on the lives of Bethlehemites in Kiev (former Russian Empire, now Ukraine) in the years before WWI for a story/screenplay on the life of my grandmother, Katrina Saade. My great grandparents, Abdullah and Miriam Saade, fled around 1913, leaving behind their business, home and possesions. But I am unsure about what circumstances might have caused their abrupt departure. If you have family stories or historical information, please contact me at


Fuad Salem

on 10.06.2009

There was a branch of the Kattan family that lived in Kiev in the early 1900’s. They also left behind, businesses, property, etc, etc when the Bolsheviks took over.

They came back to Bethlehem, and some of them went on to live in South America, the USA and elsewhere.

One of the children, Nicola Jack ( Yacoub ) Kattan, who taught at Yale University in Connectict,USA, eventually became the first Jordaian n Ambassador to Chile, South America. He then helped establish Jordanian Television . Some of his children still live in Jordan.

Kathy Kenny

on 07.07.2009

Thanks, Fuad. I’ve been in touch with Nadia Kattan Seiklaly, who lives near Los Angeles, CA.