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Bethlehem c1920 – Jeweller in his humble shop

Contributed by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 07.11.2007:

Bethlehem c1920 Palestinians in general, and Palestinian women in particular, love to collect and adorn themselves with jewelry. On special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays, it is customary to give the celebrant gold and silver trinkets, including rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Happy are the new brides who get showered with jewelry, often passed on from mothers to their daughters. Gold and silver Ottoman (Turkish) coins are transformed into necklaces by adding them to a chain, or embedding them in rings. After the arrival of the British in Palestine in 1917, the gold sovereign replaced the Turkish lira.The Palestinian jeweller, in spite of his simple tools, produced exquisite and sometimes complicated designs. In the old days, his shop was out in the open for all to see, as is shown in this vintage photo.As with most trades of old, the art and skills of making jewelry, were passed from father to son, and the secrets of the trade are kept in the family. Original Content Creator: Fayez (Frank) Nasser / Toronto, Canada

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