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Bethlehem 1959 – Mini-reunion of the Canawati, Tafesh, Hazboun, & Nasser families

Contributed by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 18.10.2007:

Bethlehem 1959 – An Extended Family mini-reunion of the CANAWATI, TAFESH (Bandak), HAZBOUN and NASSER families.Top row L to R: 1)Katrina, wife of Mattia Tafesh 2)Miladeh, wife of Saleh Hazboun 3)Elias Hanna Mitri Canawati 4)Karimeh, wife of Elias Hanna Canawati 5)Nasri Tafesh, future husband of Odette Nustas 6)Azizeh, wife of Issa Nasser 7)Hanna Nakhleh Canawati, future husband of Jehad Beshara Canawati 8)Rose, wife of Butros Tafesh 9)Armaine, wife of Nakhleh CanawatiFront row L to R: 10)Mary, wife of Emilio Hazboun 11)Mike Canawati, future husband of Juliana Issa Hazboun 12)Lily, future wife of Farid Nasser 13)Fayrouz, future wife of Eddy Batarseh 14)Rudolfo Hazboun, future husband of Arlette Elias Canawati 15)Alice, future wife of Fuad Nasser 16)Salim Elias Hanna Mitri Canawati, future husband of Gloria Ghattas 17)Fayeq (Mike) Nasser, future husband of Mary Anton Nasser-Jaar 18)Odette, future wife of Jiryes Freij 19)Saleh Bishara Canawati, future husband of Jaqueline TabashBRAIN TEASERS (a) Knowing that Nos. 1, 2, 6 & 10 are sisters of 3, what was their family names before marriage?(b) Knowing that Nos. 12, 13, & 18 are sisters of 16, what is the name of their mother?Give yourself 100 PFN Points for every correct answer. Original Content Creator: Fayez (Frank) Nasser / Toronto, Canada

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