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Artas Weddings

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 19.04.2012:

The Artas Wedding was one of the subjects researched and photographed by Hilma Grandvast and dealt with in Karen Seger’s book about Artas A Portrait of a Village. parter.The Artas traditional Artas Wedding is often reenacted by the Artas Spring for visitors. The Artas Folklore Troupe is in great demand at weddings near and far. Their involvement of the audience to reconstruct an Artas Wedding at the 2005 Medi-Terra Festival in Crete was enthusiastically received and described in a 2011 book entitled Contested Mediterranean Spaces: Ethnographic Essays in Honour of Charles Tilly By Maria Kousis, Tom Selwyn, David Clark.

For a description and some photos and description of a Mandate Era Artas Wedding by Hilma Granqvist see th website of partner Turathuna here.

See also Vintage Photos of Artas

Artas Wedding 2011

Weddings are still a lively occasion in Artas. We were stopped by a convoy of cars led by a man on horseback captured from our car window

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