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Artas Lettuce Festival Final Program

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 13.04.2007:

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture



The Thirteenth Annual Lettuce Festival

Thursday, April 12-Sunday, April 15 2005

With Abdul Aziz Abul Hadbeh

The Artas Folklore Center

Day 1 Thursday, April 12, 2007

Opening and Performances

Location Activity Time

Artas Valley Gathering 1:00

Official Opening 1:30

Koranic Verses, National Anthem, Moment of Silence 1:35

Traditional Artas Welcome 1:40

A Word from

Mr. Salah Ta’amari, Governor of the Bethlehem District 1:45

Jafra Troupe, Artas Folklore Center 1:50

A Word from Mr. Bassam Salhi, Minister of Culture 2:05

Zajjel, with famous Palestinian poets, Muthana and Najib 2:10

Amjad Folklore Troupe, Khaimeh Cultural Center, Dehaisheh, led by Omar Abu Faris 2:20

A Word from the Artas Village Council 2:35

Fashion show of traditional Palestinian costumes, al-Awda Secondary School, Bethlehem 2:40

A Word from the Artas Folklore Center 2:55

Poetry by Artas Poet Aminallah Ayesh 3:00

A Word from Mrs. Julia Dabdoub in commemoration of the late Hanna Giacaman 3:10

Hussan Folklore Troupe 3:15

Drama: St. George and the Dragon, AEI-Open Windows Drama Troupe

(See playbill) 3:30

Picking Lettuce from Plastic Houses 3:50

Old Artas Houses Exhibits 4:00

Goat-haired Tent An evening of Zajjal with Muhana and Najeeb


Day 2 Friday, April 13, 2007

Games and Competitions

The Artas Spring Gathering of Participants in the Paint brush Competition and selection of positions 8:00

Beginning of the Competition 8:30

Gathering of Children for Games and Relay Races 8:30

Beginning of Children’s Games 9:00


Spring Hike Solomon’s Pools to Artas with Artas Folklore Center and Palestine Wildlife Society; optional lunch; (Reservations: 052 2 292 782) 9:00-2:00

Solomon’s Pools Gathering at Solomon’s Pools 9:00

The Hike Begins: Murad’s Fortress, Solomon’s Pools, Attan Spring, Khirbet el Khokh, the Artas Spring, The Goat –haired Tent, Visit the exhibits 9:30

Artas Village Exhibits open 9:30


Artas Valley Puppet Show 1:30

Jafra Folkore Troupe, Artas Folklore Center 3:00

Ahlam Folklore Troupe and Yasmeen Folklore Troupe, Khaima Cultural Center, Dehaisheh 3:15

Ya Baladi, Drama by

Al Ain Drama Group, Artas Folklore Center(See Festival Guide and flier for details) 3:30

Shaher Taqtaqa Folklore Troupe,

Beit Fajar 3:50

Goat Haired Tent Zajjel by the famous poets Muthana and Najib

Day 3 Saturday, April 14, 2007


ٍSolomon’s Pools

Hike from Solomon’s Pools to Artas with the Palestine Wildlife Society and Artas Folklore Center; optional lunch; (Reservations: 052 2 292 782)



Hike Begins Murad’s Fortress, Solomon’s Pools, Attan Spring, Khirbet el Khokh, the Artas Spring, The Goat –haired Tent, Visit the exhibits 9:30

Artas Village Exhibits Open 9:30


Artas Valley ]Drama Mona’s Story, Ashtar Theater (See Festival Guide and flier for details) 3:00

Folk Songs, Artas Folklore Center 3:50

Kazar Folklore Troupe,

Beit Sahour 4:00

Debka, Jowqa, Ferdows High School for Girls, Artas 4:15

Areen Folklore Troupe, Future Vision 4:30

Judging of the Paintbrush Competition and Distribution of Prizes 4:45

An evening of poetry accompanied by the rababa in the goat-haired tent 5:30

Day 4 Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hike to Herodium with Shat-ha Hiking Troupe, Ramallah and private folklore show (Reservations: 0599272768; 0599944837 ) (For more information about Shat-ha and the hike, see flier) 8:30-4

Artas Spring Gathering 8:00

Hike to Herodium 8:30

Return by bus to Artas for a traditional meal and private folklore show. 2:00


St. George and the Dragon, AEI-Open Windows Drama Troupe and Artas Folklore Center Thursday, April 12, 2007 15:05 Artas Valley. A group of peasants seeing a dragaon (the Wall) seek the help of St. George (Al Khader)

Ya Baladi, Artas Folklore Center, Al Ain Drama Troupe, Friday, April 13, 2007 16:30, Artas Valley A successful Artas Lettuce Farmer and his children are surprised to find a wall impeding their usual journey to sell lettuce in Jerusalem.

The Story of Muna, Ashtar Theater Saturday, April 14, 2007 15:30, Artas Valley. The Story of Mona is a legislative play that is based on the interaction with the audience members. It tackles the issues of early marriages and honor killing laws and verdicts.

Butto in Jerusalem, Tantoura Puppet Theater Friday, April 13, 1:30

The play displays the deep connection of the Palestinian people to the holy city of Jerusalem and the obstacles they face trying to reach it.

Dreams of Halima, Tantoura Puppet Theater, Friday, April 13,

This puppet show, intended for adolescents and their parents, concerns early marriage.

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture



The Thirteenth Annual Lettuce Festival

Thursday, April 12-Sunday, April 15 2005

The Artas Folklore Center


A Journey through the Life and Work of Hanna Abdullah Giacaman, Hanna Giacaman Memorial Foundation An exhibit prepared by the children and grandchildren of the late Hanna Giacaman, who devoted his life to collecting documents and information about Palestinian history, to launch their new foundation which will award a yearly prize to the Bethlehem highschool student who writes the best essay on the value of History

Photos of Amulets from the Tawfiq Canaan Collection, Birzeit Ethnographic Museum Photographs of a few items from Artas and Bethlehem from this rare collection of about 1400 amulets, necklaces, beads, inscribed metal pendants, incantation bowls as well as paper talismans from the Tawfiq Canaan Collection of the Birzeit Ethnographic Museum.

The Rose Garden of Mevlana, Turkish Cultural Center, Jerusalem An exhibit of the sayings of Islamic thinker Mevlana Celaleddin-I Behli-Rumi (1207-1273), whose 800 year birth anniversary is being commemorated by UNESCO.

Textiles and Artifacts from Uzbeqistan, The Uzbeq Cultural Center, Jerusalem An exhibit of textiles, embroidery, artifacts, books and photos, from the collections of Sheikh Abdel Aziz al Buhkhari, spiritual leader of the 400-year Uzbek Community in Jerusalem.

The Photos of Hilma Granqvist, The Palestine Exploration Fund, London A small sample of the hundreds of photos taken by Hilma Granqvist, who lived in Artas in the 1920’s and whose five works on the customs and traditions of the village of Artas, remain one of the most outstanding works on Palestine.

Photos of Artas from The Spirit of Sumud- pictures from the West Bank of occupied Palestine : Photographic Exhibition by James Prineas. Educational Institute Stunning photos taken by founder James Prineas at last year’s Artas Lettuce Festival from the Spirit of Sumud exhibit.

Working Today for Conservation Tomorrow—Promoting Ecotourism in Artas, Palestine Wildlife Society, Beit Sahour

A selection of photos of the flora and fauna, as well as the natural and cultural Sites in Artas, and some of the other pioneering work of the Palestine Wildlife Society.

Replicas of Ancient Pottery, Palestinian, Palestine Agency for Food and Agriculture, Ramallah, (PAFA)Replicas of pottery from different periods in Palestine’s history from ancient times made by ceramic artist Abdel Razzak Mohammed el Haj.

Publications on Palestinian Heritage, Inash el Usra Society-Center for Heritage and Folklore Studies, El Bireh A selection of the impressive array of publications on Palestinian Heritage and Folkloreby Inash el Usra and its member



Paintbrush Competition Markaz Khaimeh, Dehaisheh Artists over the age of 18 who have previously registered, will exhibit one of their canvases and undertake another one during the Festival. Competition begins Friday, April 13, 2007 9:30; Judging takes place ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Saturday 4:45,

ِAnnouncements of Future Competitions (See Festival Guide for Details)

Essay Competition, Hanna Giacaman Memorial Foundation Bethlehem high school students are eligible to enter this competition for the best essay on the value of history.

Photography Competition Artas Folklore Center Details to be posted soon on our website (

Early-Bird Hike from Artas Valley to Herodium with Shat-ha Hiking Group from Ramallah; return to Artas for lunch

Featured Websites (See Festival Guide for Details) an exciting new website designed to promote “Destination Palestine” interesting and informative website about Palestinian Folklore.


The Ministry of Culture

And (in alphabetical order)

Hamed Qawasmeh *Studio Garo, Jerusalem The Arab Hotel Association (AHA)*The Commercial Press*The French Consulate*The Hanna Giacaman Memorial Foundation*The Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO)*The Royal Danish Representative to the Palestinian Authority*The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)*World of Art Framers*”Your Travel Guide to Palestine”

With Special Thanks To: Artas Village Council*Artas Women’s Group*Artas Rural Students Group*Artas Volunteer Cleaning Committee*Bethlehem District Police*Holy Land Trust


P.O. Box 764 Bethlehem, Palestine

Telefax:(+972) (2) 276 0533

Email: and

Mobile: Fadi Sanad, President 059 9679492; Leyla Zuaiter, 052 2 292 782

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