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Artas Lettuce Festival 2007:26 Group Portrait /Names of Artists in Paintbrush Competition

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 06.06.2007:

Posing in one of the buildings of the Artas Folklore Center are the artists who took part in the Paintbrush Competition. One of the most original and successful offerings of the festival, the paintbrush competition shows the power of networking and collaboration. It also shows the difference one person can make. The competition was the brainstorm of Hamed Qawasmeh, former projects coordinator under Artas Folklore Center founder Musa Sanad, who joined the festival organization team this year, despite an extremely demanding schedule. Funded by Hamed Qawasmeh himself, the competition was organized and supervised by the Khaimeh Cultural Center in nearby Dehaisheh Refugee Camp. It is the announcement of this competition in the newspaper, which started the buzz about this year’s festival, and helped bring about the phenomenal attendance despite the lateness of official advertizing and invitations. From as far away as Jenin, Tulkarem, Nablus the aspiring artists came, expressing gratitute for this chance to use and display their talents, and the spirit of traditional Palestinian hospitality offered by their hosts, the Artas Folklore Center, who put them up at the Bethlehem hotel–contributing to the local economy–and fed them for the duration. Each artist was required to contribute a completed canvas as a condition for participation, forming the source of new permanent aquisitions for the Artas Folklore Center. Taking their positions, the artists sketched their chosen subjects, which were judged by a qualfied jury as part of the festival activities. The artists were enthusiastic participants in all of the festival activities, such as the hikes.Contestants in Paintbrush Competition: Anan Zarba, Nablus * Baha Ahmad Ayesh, Artas/Bethlehem * Diana Shaer Sheiyeh * Nablus (Tied for Third Place)* Ibrahim Khamaiseh, Jenin * Jamal Hussein Abu Nadi, Jenin Refugee Camp (Second Place) Jamal Nazar al Bahri * Tulkarem (Tied for First Place)* Marwa Ghazi Annajar, Nablus (Tied for First Place) * Mohammed Bassem Shaban, Al Jamla, Jenin, Fifth Place) Mohammed Sherif Mohammed Abid, Araba, Jenin (Fourth Place) * Muna Alhaj Ibrahim, Ramallah * Nahed Fahkri Abu Lawi, Nablus (Tied for Second Place) * Najla Fathi Qadan, Al Jamla, Jenin * * Tahrir Abdel Latif Rahhal, Saliyet Al Thaher, Jenin * Ramzi Jamal Abu Sway, Artas/ Bethlehem *Trayeh Amin Musa Arar, Salfit (Tied for Third Place)* Wael Mohammed Abu Yabes, Dehaisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem * Wajdan, Sahab, JerusalemThis year’s lettuce festival was featured on the Bir Zeit University Virtual Gallery’s Community Project: Original Content Creator: Artas Folklore Center

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