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Artas Lettuce Festival 2007: 22 Tantoura Puppet Theater

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 06.06.2007:

This large cardboard image of the Dome of the Rock is as close as most of these children can hope to get to the religious sanctuary which has come, perhaps more than any single image, to symbolize Jerusalem. They are part of a generation which has been denied entry into the Holy City. The puppet show they are watching, Butto in Jerusalem, by Hebron’s Tanoura Puppet Theater founder Nidal Khatib, expresses both the longing for Jerusalem and the obstacles to reaching it. It is one of a wide repertoire of plays by Tantoura which deals with matters of Palestinian culture, society or reality, and which are buttressed by pedagocical principles. One foreign woman who had brought her son to see the play felt that the subject matter was “too political” and “unsuitable for children.” But the fact is that most of what Palestinian children experience in their daily lives is in fact much too political and extremely unsuitable for children! For Palestinian children, such plays can help them to make sense of the baffling reality into which they are born, and offer a positive example of how to transcend their situation through art.(See playbill at Original Content Creator: Artas Folklore Center

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