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Artas in Walking Palestine by Stefan Szepezi

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 05.04.2012:

The Artas Folklore Center is proud to announce that a chapter has been devoted to Artas in the recent publication of WALKING PALESTINE, 25 JOURNEYS INTO THE WEST BANK BY STEFAN SZEPEZI. This remarkable work is bound to increase interest in hiking in Palestine; it has an appealing layout, lovely photographs, lots of maps and lively, thought-provoking text that goes well beneath the surface, deep into Palestinian natural and cultural heritage. By dispelling the prevalent stereotypes of the West Bank, providing a historical, political and cultural orientation and context for the hikes, and addressing the practical needs and concerns of the travelers, it is sure to attract new hiking devotees. For more information, visit the visually stunning partner website, and discover – or rediscover – the delights of the Palestinian countryside.

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