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Acre (Akka)

Contributed by Turathuna Bethlehem University on 04.11.2006:

On the way to Acre from Haifa is tel al-fukhar (mount of potsherds).It is believed to be the site of ancient Acre. excavations indicate that Tel-al Fukhar was inhabited since the 2nd century BCE and that a lagoon existed on the southern part of the Tel. In more modern times Napoleon allegedly placed his artillery at Tel al-Fukhar and used it to bombard the modern city.

As you approach the old city from what is called Weizman Street (known before 1948 as Tariq el Qala’, the road of the fortress) you can see a small portions of what was once the Crusader wall. The most prominent parts of the still exsting city wall were built by Ahmad Pasha al-Jazzar. There you will find a mosque called Sinan Pasha mosque or al-Bahr Mosque, this mosque was named in honor of one of the greatest aschitects of the otoman world, this white domed mosque next to Venice Square must have been built around 1600. sinan lived and worked during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. Few remains of this mosque exist, but in1816 al-bahr mosque was built adjacent to its ruins, at the orders of Suleiman Pasha.

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