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Abou Radwan family of Jaffa city

Contributed by Amina Abou Radwan on 21.05.2008:

I can quote many reference to ‘Abou Radwan’ Family of Jaffa in the precious book of 1600 pages titled ‘ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BEAUTIFUL JAFFA’ written by Ali Hassan Al-Bawab, published in Beirut in 2003 by Maher Kayyali (ISBN 9953-36-038-3).

The ‘Sea Mosque’ of Jaffa build by Mousa Pasha Abou Radwan in 1700, the Abou Radwan Wakuf: consisting of many properties, the Abou Radwan Souk, the old ‘hamam’, the orange fields (bayara), the houses; all stood as the family contribution to the history of the city they lived in, loved and will never forget.

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