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a Landscape of Tragedy a Language of Sad Rhymes

Contributed by HIyam Noir on 02.03.2008:


Palestinian Child Martyr February 28 2008

Photo Fady Adwan PalestineFreeVoice Images

Poetry4Palestine – In Cause of Justice

By Hiyam Noir

Landscape of Tragedy

a Language of Sad Rhymes

no definition

no persona

no geographic

naked faces

numbed in



all victimized

all suffered hard times

all singing the blues

a language of sad rhymes

self expectable

displacing it articulate

in different expressions

in a certain way

some are tranquil

some are in rage

different experience

landscape inherited

shared tragedy

appeared long

as decorative objects

targeted and removed

buried to be forgotten

all that publicity

all that audience

all that tragedy

expended it self

you know how to define

you know the people

you know the landscape

you know what it’s all about

you know it’s a crime

you know it is a genocide

our spirit unbreakable

our retaliation extensive

justice defined

January 2005


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