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2007 Artas Lettuce Festival; Tantoura Puppet Theater, Hebron

Contributed by Artas Folklore Center on 08.06.2007:

From Playbill of Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival Friday, April 13, 2007 1:30

Mr. Nidal Al Khateeb established Al Tantoura in October 1995. Ever since then the management of the Theatre has managed to create a wide of network of relations with governmental, non-governmental organizations as well as with schools, kindergartens, clubs, charitable societies as well as summer camps among other institutions both locally and internationally. As of today, Al Tantoura has cooperated with more than 40 organizations. An average of 200 to 250 shows are presented on yearly basis. All in all, more than 2600 were presented in the past 9 years to more than 250,000 beneficiaries from all ages. On the international level Al Tantoura has conducted a number of shows in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Greece, Jordan and the Kingdom of Bahrain. For the Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival, Nidal will present two puppet shows:

Butto in Jerusalem

The play displays the deep connection of the Palestinian people to the holy city of Jerusalem and the obstacles they face trying to reach it. Butto lives in a Palestinian village near the Holy City, along with grandfather and next-of-kin. He is hindered from living the Palestinian traditional way of life, which includes the necessity of going to Jerusalem, by the Israeli Army which does its utmost to prevent him and other Palestinians from reaching their beloved city.

Dreams of Halima

Intended for adolescents and their parents, this puppet show concerning Early Marriage was produced in association with a number of pro-women organizations, which requested a number of shows to be conducted in the Palestinian countryside.

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