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1966 – Elali, Masrieh, Hazboun and Asfora families reunion

Contributed by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 25.01.2008:

1966 – ELALI, MASRIEH, HAZBOUN and ASFORA families get-together to celebrate a birthday.1-Solange Hanna Asfora. 2-Evelin Awad, wife of Tawfiq (16). 3-Margo Giries Masrieh, wife of Khalil Butros Hazboun (4). 4-Khalil Butros Hasbun. 5-Julia Abdallah Asfoura, 2nd wife of Giries (14). 6-Hanna Abdallah Asfora, brother of Julia (5). 7-Baby George, son of Tawfiq. 8-Sami Giries Elali, son of (9) and (10). 9-Mary Masrieh, wife of Giries Nicola ElAli (10). 10-Giries Nicola Elali. 11-Victoria Abdallah Asfora. 12-George Issa Hazboun, son of (26) and (13). 13-Lily Elias Canawati. 14-Giries Masrieh-Hazboun.15-Esam, the “birthday kid”. 16-Tawfiq Giries Masrieh-Hasboun. 17-Nabil, son of (3) and (4). 18-Suzie, daughter of (16). 19-Ana-Maria 20-Tawfiq 21-Makram 22-Ramzi 23-Nelson 24-Nidal 25-Cristina, daughter of (26) 26-Issa Giries Masrieh-Hazboun.The picture was taken in Recife, Brazil. Original Content Creator: Mary Masrieh ElAli – Brazil

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