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Picture: Artas Folklore Center Subsite


submitted by Artas Folklore Center on 14.04.2012
Copyright (2012) Artas Folklore Center

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We know what you're wondering: What kind of website is this anyway? Our site is a subsite of Palestine-family.net, a wonderful site allowing material on all aspects of Palestinian heritage to grow itself, through user-submitted material. The Artas Folklore Center jumped at the chance to be a founding partner of this ground-breaking site; in exchange for helping populate the main site, we enjoyed our own domain name for a period. That period has expired, so that one must now navigate from "My Partners" to "Artas Folklore Center." However if you just type Artas Folklore Center into Google, you will be taken right here.

There are now so many entries on Artas and the Artas Folklore Center that even we have trouble keeping track of them. In the run up to the Eighteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival, we are trying to revamp our site, loosely organizing the material and making our site closer to conventional websites.

Why not just have a conventional website? The convenience of Palestine-family.net and the ever growing body of relevant material far outweighs the web-design limitations. Furthermore, we feel it can serve as an example and inspiration to other rural Palestinian heritage centers with limited resources. Besides, we don't want to pre-package everything for you, but to serve as a basis of further explorations on Palestine-family.net or some of the other materials we have gathered for you. Most of all, we want you to come see our beautiful village for yourselves.

When you do, we encourage you to upload your photos and experiences in Artas or other Palestinian towns and villages in one of the seven languages catered to by Palestine-family.net or your favorite photo stream. Please always remember to be specific in your captions:mention the town or village and any local organizations who might have facilitated your village. This small gesture on your part will be much appreciated and help break the feeling of isolation that many Palestinian villages and their organization suffer from, and inspire them to carry on.

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