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Picture: Yasmin wants to renew her contact with her cousins

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submitted by Nasif Masad on 11.04.2009
Copyright (2009) Nasif Masad

I am Yasmin Hamel ( Yasmin Amer El-Shayeb) from La-Calera, this is one of the last letters remaind with me from my family, If you have any information about my family, cousins or roots please write to :

ابحث عن اهلي و جذوري في دير جرير قضاء رام الله

Hassan Mahmoud Amer Elshayeb from Deir Garir is one of many Palestinians who left their country to look for a better working opportunities, especially to Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Their nostalgia and longing for the golden past with their relatives in their homeland makes them very enthusiastic to return back.
For information about Yasmin's cousins please, please add a comment here or write to:

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