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Picture: Family Musa Chahuan from Beit-Jala
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submitted by Nasif Masad on 28.02.2009
Copyright (2009) Elena Musa

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Standing Back
1- Rosa Musa Fache, daughter of (Nakhleh) Najleh Musa, brother of Elias Musa.
2- Gabriel Musa Chahuan
3- Salvador Musa Chahuan
4- Estrella (Nigmeh) Musa Chahuan Wife of Elias Gharfeh.
5- Moises Musa Chahuan
6- Lidia Issa Sharaf, with her daughter Sara is on her arm.
7- Sofia Musa Chahuan
8- Tito Musa Chahuan
9- Farid Chahuan
10-Nicolas Gharfeh Musa

Sitting in the middle:
1- Elias Gharfeh Abdalla
2- Miladeh Musa Chahuan, sister of Elias Musa Chahuan
3- Elias Muasa Chahuan
4- Alejandrina Elfar Burkosh
5- Zakaria Elfar Burkosh and his wife,Alia Elfar
The children:
1- Fauzi Gharfeh Musa.
2- Yanette Gharfeh Musa
3- Moises Chahuan Issa ( Pharmaceutist of Hospital Pharmacy -La calera)
4- Elena Chahuan Issa
5- Salma Gharfeh Musa
6- Elias Chahuan Issa

From The Collection of Elena Musa
With permission

Nasif Masad

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