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Vintage Portraits/ People
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عبدالله خوان بخيت الاعمى...
انا احب كثيراً إعادة بناء شجرة العائلة واعتقد انه من المهم جداً...
Nasif Masad
Abdalla Juan Bijit Lama, nacido el 29 de febrero...
Me gusta mucho el trabajo de reconstrucción de las familias me parece importantísimo para el conocimiento de la historia de...
Nasif Masad
La Familia de Abdalla Bijit Lama y Regina Adaui Hasbun
Esta foto es probable que sea de 1920, cuando los abuelos de la familia Bijit Lama recién llegaron, ellos venían de...
Nasif Masad
Family home in northeastern Mexico
Former home of Kabande (Khawandeh) family in San Pedro de las Colonias, Coahuila, Mexico. My grandmother, Katrina Saade...
Kathy Kenny
Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, California circa 1915
Bethlehemites Jamil Afana, Jamileh Saade Afana and son George Afana at their store, the Holy City Bazaar, Long Beach, CA USA
Kathy Kenny
وفاة أكبر معمرة فلسطينية في...
وفاة أكبر معمرة فلسطينية في المهجر 22 نيسان 2009 ناصيف مسعد تشيلي...
Nasif Masad
Yasmin is looking for her cousins and relatives in...
I am Yasmin Hamel ( Yasmin Amer El-Shayeb) from La-Calera, this is one of the last letters remaind with me from my family, If...
Nasif Masad
The golden past of Musa's first textile shop in La...
The textile shop is the first business activities for most of the Palestinian immigrants in The Republic of Chile. Most of...
Nasif Masad
One of the first Sharaf Family immigrants in La...
Palestinian family from Beit Jala One of the first Sharaf Family immigrants in La Calera Nasif Masad From the...
Nasif Masad
Palestinian Immigrants in Chile
Mr. Augustine El-Far and his bride in La calera Nasif Masad From the collection of Musa Family With permission
Nasif Masad
Mr. Elias musa Chahuan and the mayor of La Calera
Elias Musa Chahuan Receiving the Flag of Chile from the Mayor of La Calera in front of the municipality in recognition of his...
Nasif Masad
Sabino Issa Sharaf and Matilde Yarad 1960
Sabino Issa Sharaf and Matilde Yarad La Calera
Nasif Masad
Issa Sharaf Family and friends 1980
The Issa Sharaf Family from Beit Jala in La Calera family meeting, invited by Mr. Camilo Issa, in the photo appears Mrs....
Nasif Masad
palestinians Football Players in Union La Calera...
Jorge Chahuan The first to the left in the front when union La calera became the champion in 1984 And Gadallah the...
Nasif Masad
Palestinians meeting with local authorities in La...
Immigrants from Beit _Jala settled in the Chilean city of La Calera, The majority of them are from the family of Chahuan,...
Nasif Masad
Krunfel, Hazboun & Canawati families in New...
A get-together of members of the Krunfel, Hazboun & Canawati families in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, to welcome visitors...
Fayez (Frank) Nasser
Bethlehemites are all over the world, but their...
Bethlehemites are literally spread out all over the world, but their hearts, minds and souls are still rooted in...
Fayez (Frank) Nasser